Lowcountry dog park tour: Ackerman dog run

Located in West Ashley on Sycamore Ave just off St. Andrews Blvd (Highway 61), Ackerman dog run is a smallish dog park, but with lots of trees that provide ample amounts of shade for those hot sunny days.

There are three dog-lock entrances to the park located at the corners, with a poop bag station at each entrance. A water fountain is located in the middle of the park.

The dog park isn’t very large, perhaps 250 m2 or so. There’s plenty of room for dogs to run around, but if you have the kind of dog that likes to tear around wide open spaces or go after those long throws, Ackerman may not be the dog park for you.

With an abundance of benches and shade, Ackerman dog run certainly makes for a nice spot to go hang out while the dogs run around and play.

Here is a Google map to the dog park

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