Xbox || !Xbox

For a while now, I’ve been pondering getting some kind of gaming console, because I’ve never had one before. Do I want a Wii? Maybe a PS3. Xbox is kinda cool.
This past week, I borrowed an Xbox 360 and a few games from a friend while he was on vacation. Started playing Fallout 3 and promptly got sucked into the game. The first day I played for about 4 hours without realizing how much time had gone by. The rest of the week would go pretty much the same way (thus the lack of blog entries).
So now I’m thinking maybe a gaming console might not be such a good idea, especially with school starting next month. Then again, if I get one now, the novelty aspect of it will probably wear off by the time classes start and I probably won’t be quite as into it by then.
Actually, getting one now would take a significant chunk out of my new computer fund, so I think I’ll wait a while on the console system. Or maybe I’ll just build a kick-ass gaming system.