A place to stash some code

Long, long ago, I cobbled together a database and a bunch of PHP scripts to help me keep track of x-ray equipment and the dates I tested them. There are a few other things that I track with it, and a bunch more things that I’d like to keep track of.
For most of its existence, I was the only one who used it so features were added on an “as I wanted/needed them” basis. Worked well enough for my purposes. Made attempts to keep track of bugs and features I wanted using Bugzilla, but I never really used it very consistently.
Now my little database has been “discovered” by management at work and others are starting to poke around in it. They’re also starting to make requests for additions, so I decided it was time to start up again with some bug/issue/feature tracking. I didn’t want to go with something heavy like Bugzilla again. Wanted something relatively lightweight, that I could use to track multiple projects and wouldn’t be too difficult to install/configure/maintain. I also wanted to be able to access it online so I’d still be able to reach it if I wasn’t at work or home. I started looking at a few, then came across Google’s project hosting, code.google.com.
After looking at the docs for a bit, I decided it would probably work. Nothing for me to install, configure or maintain. Works with version control software. Has a wiki for documentation. Fairly flexible looking bug tracker. Pretty much everything I was looking for.
My little equipment database project has a home out in the wild now. With more people using it now, I think there will be a little more motivation to keep up with the bug tracking and continuing development (in what little time I have for it). Maybe it will help making the long wanted re-write a little easier.