Charleston Eats: 843 Korean BBQ & Sushi House

843 Korean BBQ & Sushi House has been open for a little bit under a year now, and today we got around to trying it out.

There was a bit of a wait to get into the Korean BBQ side of the restaurant, but not too long.

This was the first Korean restaurant I’ve seen in the Charleston area with grills in the table since Kim’s in West Ashley (although by the time I had started going there in the early-mid 2000s, they weren’t being used anymore).

Having a grill in the table and cooking your own food there is definitely an experience.

Grill surface
Grill surface in the middle of the table

They offer an all-you-can-eat option which comes out just marginally less expensive than ordering off the menu. Everyone at the table has to order it though and there ends up being a whole lot of food. Something to consider if you’re in a group with big appetites.

The japchae came out first, Delicious combination of rice noodles, zucchini, carrots, green onions flavoured nicely with sesame oil. Very tasty.


Then the Korean BBQ came out all at once: bulgogi, chicken, pork belly, and the banchan

Korean BBQ
Korean BBQ

The waiter fired up the grill for us, and we placed the meat onto the hot surface. Everything is thinly sliced, so the cooking only takes a couple of minutes on each side. You can make lettuce wraps with everything if you choose, or just eat. The bulgogi was the winner for both of us.

Banchan was yummy, with several different kinds of kimchi and this odd dish of peanuts and small fish.

Peanuts and fish
Peanuts and fish

Wasn’t a big fan of this one.

Overall, 843 Korean is definitely worth a visit. Can be a bit on the spendy side, but very delicious and fun. Definitely will be going back again.