AAPM 2018 Day 4

Final day of the AAPM 2018 Annual Meeting for me today.

The Kereiakes Memorial Lecture: Designing Pediatric Imaging to Achieve the Best Benefit/Risk for Our Patients had some great speakers who reminded us that we need to work toward maximizing the benefit:risk ratio to patients from medical imaging, and not just minimizing the risk.

The other sessions today were about artifacts in CT, MR, and mammography, CT protocol management, and fluoroscopy technology.  All good sessions.

As a “down in the trenches” medical physicist, it’s always good to attend these kinds of meetings.  Not just for the professional and scientific sessions, but also for the networking opportunities.  I need to make more of an effort to make it to the AAPM meetings on a more regular basis.  10 years is far too long to go between meetings.  After the past few days of sessions, I’m realizing how stagnant my knowledge of things, and perspective of the field has become even though I try to keep up by reading journal articles.

Off to the airport tomorrow, and then back to work.  After being off work for the past three weeks, there will be a lot of catching up to do.