So long Mischief

Today we said goodbye to Mischief.  She was a sweet little kitty (although Simba might not have thought so).

Mischief would happily sit on the chairs, sofas, tables, generally wherever you wanted to sit, and swat at the dogs if they got too close.  She eventually learned to tolerate Nala’s affectionate licking, but Simba always kept his distance.

When Mischief demanded attention, you’d hear the most pitiful, sad, and dramatic meows coming from her.

Many years ago, Mischief overheard the vet telling Connie that Mischief was perfect.  Ever since then, Mischief always made sure that we knew she was perfect.

Rest easy, Mischief.  Now you can go tell everyone else how perfect you are.

Mischief the DX Cat, courtesy of The Noiseblankers.
Mischief the DX Cat, courtesy of The Noiseblankers.

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