More thrift store finds

In addition to the audio amp find, I also managed to catch an EICO 1030 regulated power supply being wheeled out to be put on the shelf. Naturally, I had to add that to my cart as well.

EICO 1030 power supply
EICO 1030 power supply

I’m starting to accumulate a bit of a power supply collection now, it seems.

Haven’t looked inside it yet, but I did plug it in and turn it on. Made the satisfying “thunk” of a big linear transformer being energized, and the 6.3 VAC terminals were putting out about 6.5 VAC (unloaded), which seemed reasonable.

A quick look around the Internets yields hits on various audio forms, so seems like a popular piece of gear in those circles.

While I was scoping out the electronics, Connie was over in the books and found a copy of Practical Antenna Handbook by Joseph Carr, so that went into the cart as well. No such thing as too many antenna books, right?

Good shopping day at the thrift store today.