Every now and then I get to do a bit of research. Sometimes that research gets turned into a publication. Here’s a list of some of them.

Published Papers

  1. Mah E, Samei E, Peck D, “Evaluation of a QC Phantom for Digital Chest Radiography”, JACMP 2(2) 90-101, 2001
  2. Samei E, Seibert JA, Willis CE, Flynn MJ, Mah E, Junck KL, “Performance Evaluation of CR Systems”, Med Phys 28(3) 361-371, 2001
  3. Samei E, Hill J, FreyGD, Southgate W, Mah E, Delong D, “Evaluation of a Flat Panel Radiographic System for Low-dose Neonatal Imaging”, Med Phys 30(4) 601-607, 2003
  4. Mah E, Spicer KM, “Comparison of Medium and High Energy Collimators for 131I-Tositumomab Dosimetry”, J Nucl Med Tech (In Press), 2007

Conference Presentations

  1. Mah E, “Impact of various imaging modalities on PACS archiving and storage”, SIIM 2007, Providence, RI


  1. Burkhalter W, Mah E, Gordon L, “Use of Immediate/Delay Ratio in Dual Phase Parathyroid Imaging”, SNM 2001

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