Getting some soul

Tomorrow we’re off to Charlotte to catch the Verizon Ladies First Tour 2004: Beyonce, Alicia Keys and Missy Elliott concert. My wife wanted to go and I’m just tagging along for the ride. So armed with nothing more than Mapquest directions, a map and some snacks, we’re going to hit the road and see how many times we can get lost before getting to our hotel and then the coliseum.
Not quite sure what kind of seats we ended up with. But it seems like with most concerts, no matter what seats you end up with you’re staring at a tiny little figure on a giant state really far away. Maybe I’ll spend my time doing the Kid’s in the Hall “I’m crushing your head” thing.

It’s a celebration!

My wife decided we needed to have a big party to celebrate her getting into med school, and tomorrow’s the big day. She’s been planning it for a couple of weeks now, getting the catering, making invites, and all sorts of other arrangements. She likes doing this kind of thing, planning and organizing things. Should have seen her planning for the wedding.
My job for tomorrow is to pick up the cake and a fruit plate from the grocery store. For tonight, there is more apartment cleaning and lots of cooking. Planning to make up a big pot of greens (still don’t know how anyone can eat that stuff) and a couple of pans of macaroni and cheese (mmm, yummy) to go along with the Sticky Fingers catered stuff. Lots of people, lots of food and hopefully lots of fun to be had.

On this day: Marriage license

3 years ago today, we got our marriage license. In SC (as in many other states I imagine), you go apply for your marriage license, and a few days later you go pick it up. And 3 years ago today, that’s what we did. That also means our anniversary is coming up. So I guess I’d better start thinking of something to do…

A happy Chinese New Year

Had a delightful Chinese New Year celebration at my wife’s boss’s house. Mostly people from the lab she works in, lots of good food. It’s become a pretty multi-cultural lab since my wife started working there. Where else can you go to celebrate Chinese New Year, and have a conga line and salsa dancing break out? A good time was had by all I think. It was a good start to the new year.

Chinese New Year

In a few days it will be the start of the Chinese New Year. It will be the Year of the Monkey (a Green Wooden Monkey at that). All over the world, anywhere there is a significant Chinese population, there will be celebrations, firecrackers, and dragon/lion dances. There will be feasts, and large family get togethers.
I remember as a kid, going downtown, watching the lion dances, and getting scared by the firecrackers and loud drum noises. So much excitement around. It was a fun time, and something I’ve missed since moving to the US. All of the places I’ve lived so far have lacked a significant Chinese population, so I’ve missed the festivities. Maybe this year I’ll find something.