Classic movies

Last night on TCM, the wife and I were watching Grand Hotel. Apparently it was Greta Garbo day on TCM, but the wife just wanted to see who John Barrymore was.
It was an interesting movie about the lives of people living in a posh Berlin hotel. We both enjoyed the movie, but Casablanca still remains my all time favourite. Anything with Audrey Hepburn comes in a close second.

Moonrise over the marsh

This is a picture I took back in April from the 3rd floor of the apartment building I live in. The full moon was just rising, and we were having one of those unusually high tides when I took the photo. Olympus C4000Z, 4 second exposure time, f2.8, ISO set to 400.
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Half-life ragdoll physics simulation

This is pretty cool. It’s a simulation done in Flash using the rag-doll physics incorporated into Half-Life. You can spin around the skeleton, drag it around and even pepper it with bullets and watch it dance.

Too busy

I have this bad habit of taking on too many projects at the same time. The end result is a to-do list that just keeps on growing.
A sampling of my to-do list

  • VB interface between my equipment test spreadsheets and MySQL database
  • Dosimetry for monoclonal antibody lymphoma therapy
  • Research for a dopamine receptor imaging project
  • Website maintenance
  • Converting wedding video to VCD/DVD
  • Converting graduation video of one of my wife’s friends to VCD/DVD
  • Converting in-law’s vacation video to VCD/DVD
  • Documenting various database projects I’ve started
  • Finish the rest of this year’s x-ray surveys (about 20 more units left to do)
  • Attenuation correction method comparison between two of our gamma cameras (another research project)
  • Optimize the acquisition protocol for thyroid scans on another one of our gamma cameras
  • Optimize the acquisition protocol for brain scans on one of our new gamma cameras

And this is only the small part of my list that I can remember off the top of my head.
ok, back to work…