Missy adopted

Missy, foster dog #5, is at her new home today! She went home with an older retired couple this afternoon and it sounds like she’s doing well there.

Missy was a great dog, but it’s nice to be back down to a two dog household.

Missy the Ball Fiend

I’ve had Missy out at the dog park a couple of times now, and she is a huge ball fiend. She can barely sit still waiting for you to throw the ball and takes off like a rocket after it. She’s a lot of fun to watch chasing after the ball.

She even brings it back to me, unlike some dogs I know (Nala and Simba, I’m looking at you…)

This makes it easy to tire her out. She also doesn’t know when to stop and take a break. Now that it’s getting hotter out, it’s easy for her to run herself into heat exhaustion or worse, which is bad, especially being a black dog and smaller than the others, who do have the sense to stop when they get too hot. That means rationing the ball throwing and making her take breaks, even though she looks like she doesn’t want to.

Meet Missy

Well, you’ve already met Missy.
I found out last night that Missy won’t be going back to her previous foster home, so she’ll be staying a little longer than planned. Not a huge deal, although a little unexpected.
She’s a really cute little dog, eager to please and likes to be around people. She’s young so she’s pretty active and likes to go exploring. She won’t wander too far away from you though. Once I start taking her out for a few walks, I’ll have a better idea of how clingy or not-clingy she is.
She seems to know a few basic commands, but could use some extra training. Definitely very food motivated, so training shouldn’t be difficult. She does seem to have a tendency to offer everything she knows in order to get the treat. I’ll see how much I can put into her little doggie head during her stay with me.
If you’re interested in meeting or adopting Missy, head on over to the Wild Heir Lab Rescue site and fill out an adoption form!

Missy in the house

I haven’t done any dog fostering since Sazy. I figured with school I just wasn’t going to have time to put into fostering anymore, so I had the foster people at WHLR put me on the emergency/short term foster list.
This weekend I’ve got Missy crashing with us while her foster parents are away for the long weekend. She’s a pretty sweet dog and Simba just can’t seem to get enough of playing with her. She loves to give kisses and having attention lavished on her.

Missy is an outgoing and friendly gal who is around 2.5 years old. She LOVES to play with people and other dogs. Missy is great at fetching her tennis ball and will bring it back, drop it at your feet and get ready for another throw! She is crate and house trained, gets along with most other dogs (she’s a bit too annoying for grumpy, older dogs or dominant females), loves children, and going for walks and rides in the car. Missy is a fun, playful, BUSY girl who will make any active, dog friendly family a perfect partner.


Barkley: Year 1

Barkley was adopted just over a year ago and today I got another update from his new family. It’s so great to hear about former foster dogs doing so well.

First anniversary, which we consider his birthday was this Monday! The only reason he kept from freaking out wearing the hat was because we were holding pizza. (we tried to put one on him for maggies birthday, without the allure of pizza, and he ran to the third floor and hid.)

We flipped past ST:TNG last night and watched, because you said Barkley was named for a character, so we were trying to spot him! I looked up the character, because you said they were similar, and read that Barclay was afraid of the transporter! Perfect!

He is still terrified of vacuums. He still needs a nylabone constantly- really likes to gnaw at midnight and 6am on the bed. He still rolls around on his back kicking his legs when he’s entertaining himself. He now drops a tennis ball at my feet all day long- and when I’m in bed on my head all night long. He’s a good runner, we do 3 miles a day. Many days the finish line of our run is the fish store, so they each get a cooked shrimp as a reward. He saw his first crane (as in the bird) on the river and went cuckoo, since it’s on our running path he searchs for it every day. He doesn’t seem to mind the snow.

Barkley Year 1
Barkley Year 1