Computer upgrades

I’m stoked. Stuffed a new 160GB hard drive into my computer over the weekend. Best Buy had an amazing deal on them last week. Retail price $199. With $100 in mail in rebates, the price was $111 with tax. 70 cents a gig…can’t beat that.

So now I’ve got the 40 GB that came with the computer, 160 GB partitioned into 30/140 GB and an old 3 GB drive that I’ve now dedicated to virtual memory. Had to take out the 2nd CD drive, but it wasn’t getting used much anyway.

My main reason for getting it was to give me storage space for video capture, with the Pinnacle Studio Deluxe video capture hardware/software I bought a few months ago. The video capturing worked pretty well, but the existing 40GB hard drive I had just wasn’t cutting it. The software has some issues, but nothing too major that I’ve run into.

Now I’ll have ample storage to tackle one of my first big projects…converting our wedding video to MPEG format. This video editing thing is going to be interesting and fun I think.
Next upgrade will be adding an extra 512MB RAM (2×256 MB RDRAM). I should do it soon while RDRAM is still relatively cheap.

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2 Replies to “Computer upgrades”

  1. Sounds fun, you plan on burning to DVD or VCD? I’m having the same problem myself with HD space, tired of daisy-chaining them. Hopefully, my evil plans will come together and I can get the 1.8GHz G5

  2. I’ll be making VCDs and burning short MPEGs onto plain CD for a while at first. And sending the occasional one onto VHS for the folks. I’m still waiting for the DVD +/- standards to settle down a bit before I go out and buy a DVD burner

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