The last couple of weeks have had me busy working on a couple of lectures I have to give to a group of cardiology fellows at work. In the process of simplifying the lecture material (taking the “One picture is worth a thousand words approach”), I’ve been making up a new batch of graphics for my lectures using Inkscape, which I’m rapidly falling in love with.
A graphic artist I am most definitely not, so creating the graphics has been a lot of work: trying to imagine how to illustrate the concept I’m trying to get across, Googling info on how to make Inkscape do what I imagined up and tweaking the result.
By most standards, most of what I’ve created so far is pretty crude and simplistic, but it looks reasonably decent and (hopefully) gets the point across. I’m sure in the coming months, most of my other lectures will end up getting a similar treatment.
A short list of some of the Inkscape resources I’ve come across

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  1. Hey Eugene,
    Welcome to the inkscape world. It’s a very cool application. Would be great to see some of your efforts, and if you happen to create an image that might be useful to others – maybe you could consider uploading it to and releasing it in to the public domain.

  2. Thanks. I was thinking about eventually posting most of the illustrations I created here under a CC license. Putting them on OCAL hadn’t occurred to me though. I’ll definitely look into it.

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