Broken glasses

Whoops, broke my glasses today.

Broken glasses
Broken spectacles

I was just cleaning them, felt a snap and heard the tinkling of a lens hitting the desk.

Had this pair for about 3 years, and was thinking it was probably time to replace them soon. These ones survived a remarkably long time relatively scratch free unlike my other glasses which have never lasted more than a couple years before they got so scratched up that it was like looking through a hazy window.

This pair was starting to lose the anti-reflection coating though, so it was about getting to the time for replacment.

Fortunately I still had the pair before this one that Connie made me stash away for just such an emergency. There wasn’t a significant change in the prescription between the two, just needed replacing because of haziness due to scratches.

Off to the optometrist to get the eyes checked tomorrow for a new prescription.