New mouse

The Logitech MX1100 mouse I had started behaving unreliably on most surfaces, and would only reliably track on the vertical side of the computer case for some reason.

I decided since I had just replaced the keyboard, why not the mouse too.

I wanted something with a similar shape and weight as the MX1100 and ended up going with another Logitech mouse, the MX Master. It’s a wireless mouse that can connect using Logitech’s Unifying receiver (one of those tiny USB dongles) or via Bluetooth.

It looks similar to the MX1100, with a few changes to the buttons and scroll wheels. The top scroll wheel no longer tilts to the left or right. The tilting has been replaced with a thumb scroll wheel. The two forward/back thumb buttons are arranged behind the scroll wheel and the hidden thumb rest button is gone. I find the two forward/back buttons are somewhat awkwardly placed, and aren’t as convenient or easy to press as the MX1100 buttons were.

The battery is built into the mouse instead of the replaceable AA battery in the MX1100. A microUSB port at the front of the mouse allows for charging (charge level is indicated by three lights near the thumb rest of the mouse.

One interesting feature is that apparently the mouse can be used with three separate computers through the Logitech Unifying receiver. This isn’t something I can test out though.

So far the feel of the MX Master is similar to the MX1100 that I’m used to and is pretty comfortable to use. Should be a good mouse to use. Now to get all the buttons set up and usable in Fedora.

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  1. I’ve got a couple of Logitech M510’s that I use on different systems. I have pretty large hands and it feel right to me, but it’s small enough that I don’t mind carrying it back and forth to the office. It takes two AA batteries, but will run on just one, and the battery life is so long I can’t remember the last time I replaced them. It’s not a gamer mouse, but I think it’s great for general purpose use. The other thing is that it’s dirt-cheap: At the time I’m writing this, it’s about $20 on Amazon (I think you have to pay a $4 premium if you want a color other than black). I’m sure that it won’t track as well as the one you picked up, but I’ve never had any issues on regular desks which works for me.

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