Squash sprouts

Some new leaves sprouted up in a few of the spots where I planted the butternut squash seeds a couple weeks ago.

They look like pictures of butternut squash seedlings that I see online, which seems like a good sign.

No sign of any sprouting activity where I planted the jalapeno seeds in the raised beds yet. Those might be duds.

The rest of the garden seems to be doing pretty well so far. The potatoes have grown quite a bit in the last couple of weeks.

The blueberry plants have had lots of blossoms and lots of berries on them right now. Maybe we’ll even get to some of them before the birds do.

No blossoms on the raspberry or black berry plants yet, but they’re starting to spread out in their beds now with a few new sprouts popping up.

The olive tree is still looking a little spindly, but seems to be doing ok, putting out a bunch of new leaves over the last few weeks.

Olive tree
Raised beds in the yard

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