Lowcountry Dog Park Tour: Mixson Avenue Dog Park

This is a small-ish dog park located near the Danny Jones Recreation Center in Exchange Park, North Charleston. It’s pretty easy to drive by the dog park and not even notice it’s a dog park.

The dog park is fenced, but not with a very tall fence and the upper half of the fence has gaps large enough for balls to go right through them. You’ll want to be careful throwing balls for your dog here.

There are a few agility type obstacles here that might provide some entertainment for dogs. Mine just ignore them.

A few benches around the sides of the park provide spots for people to sit, and trees along one side of the park provide some shade in the afternoon.

One significant feature missing from the dog park is a source of water. There were some parts from one of those 2 gallon water bowl dispenser type things, but they were empty and scattered around. You’ll want to bring your own water and maybe a bowl if you’re going to more than an hour here.

Here’s a Google Map for the dog park.

New car

Purchased a new-to-us used car a few days ago. We were originally looking at a 2014 Camry that had fairly low miles, but unfortunately it had been sold by the time we made the trip to the dealership to look at it.

We expanded our search criteria and ended up finding a 2014 Chevy Cruze with about 40k miles on it in really good condition and for a pretty good price.

For a very brief period, we were a three car household.

That didn’t last too long and we were able to sell the Camry and get back down to two cars.

The Cruze drives pretty well, has a lot of fancy new computer-y features that the Camry didn’t have. Being a newer car, there’s a lot more monitoring information available (tire pressure, gallons of fuel used, fuel efficiency, etc) that wasn’t around when the Camry was new.

The Aux input for the sound system is nice and I can play the podcasts I’ve been accumulating on my phone through the car speakers.

I think we managed to find a pretty decent car that I hope we’ll be able to hang on to for a long time.

Fedora + Corsair K70 quirks

This will be an ongoing post of some of the quirks I run into using this new keyboard with Fedora.

  1. Turning the backlight LEDs off seems to behave like pressing F5. If I turn the LEDs off when a browser window is active, the browser ends up doing a refresh.
  2. Trying to assign keyboard shortcuts in Gnome Settings/Keyboard, I can’t seem to get it to do any key combinations with the Super/Windows key. Not sure if I’m just missing something or what.
  3. Interestingly enough, KDE recognizes the Super/Windows key as Meta.

New keyboard

I’ve decided to take the plunge into the world of mechanical keyboards and replaced my long time workhorse Logitech Wave keyboard with a Corsair K70 (non-RGB) keyboard with Cherry MX Brown switches.

It’s a pretty nice keyboard to type on, and I’m finding the keys need much less force to actuate than the keys on the old Wave keyboard do.

Each of the keys is individually lit with a red LED, which just happens to match one of the red LED fans in the computer case. There are 4 brightness levels for the LEDs from Off to full brightness.

The palm rest included could be a little bigger for my taste, but does the job. Grippy rubber feet on the bottom combined with the weight of the keyboard keep it from moving around much on the desk.

The cord is pretty beefy and has a fabric covering on it. At the computer end it splits into two USB connectors for the keyboard and a pass-through for the USB port on the keyboard.

The keyboard can be set to have all the keys light up or to a custom pattern that’s pretty easy to do right at the keyboard.

One of the issues I had with the Logitech Wave keyboard was that a lot of the special function keys were just invisible to Fedora. While this keyboard doesn’t have a lot of special keys, the ones it does have for media control seemed to work right out of the box without me having to configure anything.

Quite pleased with the keyboard so far.

House progress

Lots of progress on the house since the last update. Drywall went up and got sprayed with primer. Cabinets were installed and trim was installed over the last couple of weeks. Painting is scheduled to happen this week.

Now we can see what all the rooms look like, how they feel, and think about where furniture will go.