Found something new (to me) on the web. GeoURL is a place that lets you do location/URL lookups. Adding your blog or site is pretty easy. Just look up your location (latitude/longitude) on a site like the US Census Tiger Map Service, add a couple of meta tags to your index page and submit it to the GeoURL site. They’ll add it to their index in a litte bit, and give you a link showing other URLs in your geographic vicinity. Clicking on the map at GeoURL gives you a big long list of websites in the vicinity of where you clicked.
There’s another site, GeoTags that does something similar also.
Kinda neat I think. Then again, simple things amuse me.

DHEC survey

State inspectors are going to be cruising through the department the rest of the week on one of their bi-annual surveys. This means there are a lot of people scurrying about (myself included) making sure that everything is where it needs to be, and stuff that needs to be posted is posted. And then later on this year, I think there’s supposed to be a JCAHO survey going on. Luckily for me, I think I’ll be gone by the time that happens.


I hate moving. I’ve made 3 moves so far in my life, and i’m starting to get ready for my 4th. And each time, there’s more and more Stuff to move. That’s the nature of Stuff I suppose. It grows to expand your available space. Some Stuff is useful. Other Stuff just becomes Junk. And since I’m a bit of a packrat, some of my Stuff that should be Junk just ends up sticking around.

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Abusing the system

Just saw these two articles over at Slashdot.
These kinds of things really bug me. Big corporations and special interest groups abusing the legal system in what amounts to extortion. Buying politicians to get stupid legislation introduced. Makes me want to smack them all upside the head for being idiots.


I’ve been around the Net for almost 15 years now, and I’ve seen some really strange things posted online. Then I ran across this site about an exploding whale and just had to check it out. Not the wierdest thing I’ve seen online, but it ranks up there with the good ones.
According to the Urban Legends Reference Pages, the incident actually happened.
Download the video and watch. Particularly amusing is the newscaster’s description of the aftermath. I can’t believe nobody thought about that before they started…