Fine dining

The wife’s parents are visiting us for part of the weekend. Monday was their 30th wedding anniversary, so tonight we took them out to Peninsula Grill for dinner. Next to Charleston Grill, it’s one of the best restaurants around. Pricey, but the food is well worth it. Definitely a place to put on your list of places to eat at. But save your pennies beforehand. And make reservations early.

Personality Types

Just for kicks, I took the Jung – Myers – Briggs Personality Type test over at
Your Type is INTJ
Strength of the preferences %
Introverted 100
Intuitive 22
Thinking 78
Judging 44

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New toys

The Exploranium GR-135 we’ve been waiting for finally arrived. It’s a radiation survey meter with brains. The thing I like about it most is that if you find something, you can acquire an energy spectrum and the unit will even tell you what it is, if it’s something that’s stored in its library. It will even send data to the PC via serial cable too. Pretty slick device. Made by Canadians too!
The guys over at Radiation Safety got one about a year ago, and we couldn’t let them trump us with cooler toys, so we got one too. It’s going to be a fun tool to play with.

Home buying

The wife and I have decided it’s time to buy a house. We both agreed that since we’re not planning on moving again anytime soon, we’re ready to jump into home ownership. So, to educate ourselves on the home buying process, we headed off to Barnes and Noble and picked up Home Buying for Dummies and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Buying and Selling a Home. Looked at a few books in the store, and decided on these ones. I figure in about a year and a half or two, once we’ve paid down some of our credit card debt and saved up for a down payment, we’ll finally have our own home somewhere.
I’m looking forward to it.

174 000 miles

Made it to 174 000 miles on my 1991 Accord today. That means I’ve owned this car for 40 000 miles and just over 4 years. Car’s holding up pretty well, aside from some body problems. Nowadays it doesn’t get driven around nearly as much as when I first got it. Having to do a few major repairs every now and then, but that’s to be expected as parts wear out. Eventually I’ll have to replace it, but hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze another 40 000 miles out of the car. I want to see this puppy roll over to 200 000 miles.