Abusing the system

Just saw these two articles over at Slashdot.
These kinds of things really bug me. Big corporations and special interest groups abusing the legal system in what amounts to extortion. Buying politicians to get stupid legislation introduced. Makes me want to smack them all upside the head for being idiots.


I’ve been around the Net for almost 15 years now, and I’ve seen some really strange things posted online. Then I ran across this site about an exploding whale and just had to check it out. Not the wierdest thing I’ve seen online, but it ranks up there with the good ones.
According to the Urban Legends Reference Pages, the incident actually happened.
Download the video and watch. Particularly amusing is the newscaster’s description of the aftermath. I can’t believe nobody thought about that before they started…

Tour de France

I’ve been watching the Tour de France on OLN lately, and I must say, it’s been a pretty exciting race so far. There are a lot more riders dropping out early this year than I remember from the last few years. Crashes and the heat are playing pretty big roles in that this year. And this year, crashes have taken out some pretty big name riders.
Looking forward to more exciting stages coming up, especially the individual time trial.
Go Posties!

Summer storm season

It’s summer, which means hot humid weather, lazy days trying to stay cool and plenty of sunshine. Summer also means it’s hurricane season. So, while I’m out enjoying the summer weather and hanging out at the beach, I’m also keeping an eye on the weather (along with everyone else). Fortunately with hurricanes you always get a lot of advance notice, so there’s plenty of time to prepare.

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Family reunions

Back from my trip to Jackson, AL for my wife’s family reunion. It was an interesting time. Got to meet lots of her relatives, and collected a lot of information for building the family tree. It’s pretty extensive, and some of the information I got led to some surprising connections. I’ve got enough to keep me researching for at least several months now. Added a couple hundred more names to the family tree database.
Jackson, AL was bigger than my wife and in-laws led me to think, although it was still pretty small. It’s a nice area, lots of woods and green things that contrast sharply with the reddish brown soil in the area. I’ll have to ask my geologist brother about that.

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