174 000 miles

Made it to 174 000 miles on my 1991 Accord today. That means I’ve owned this car for 40 000 miles and just over 4 years. Car’s holding up pretty well, aside from some body problems. Nowadays it doesn’t get driven around nearly as much as when I first got it. Having to do a few major repairs every now and then, but that’s to be expected as parts wear out. Eventually I’ll have to replace it, but hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze another 40 000 miles out of the car. I want to see this puppy roll over to 200 000 miles.

Construction noise

The CT scanner below my office was removed a couple of weeks ago, and now they’re doing renovations on the room getting it ready for a new CT scanner. A few days ago they were doing some drilling through cement or something. Now it’s some kind of repetitive hammering noise. Floor work or something perhaps. I don’t know what they’re doing down there, but it’s loud and rattling my brain.
I think I shall be leaving work early today so I can escape this racket.

New tunes

Added a couple of CDs to my collection today. As a Canadian, I’m naturally a fan of The Tragically Hip. I happened to be browsing around the local Cat’s Music waiting for the barber shop to open, and found Road Apples and Fully Completely in their ‘Dog Pound’ (used CDs) section. The price was right, ($6.50/CD), so i just had to grab them.
Ahhh, decent music for a change…

Staying put

Well, turns out we won’t be moving after all, and I won’t be working at Duke this fall. The wife has been having such a good experience in the research lab she’s in and seems to be clicking well with her mentor, so she’s decided she wants to stick around. I suppose it’s just as well. She’s already established some connections with people here, and she thinks getting into med school here will be a little easier than in NC, even though there’s more of a choice there.

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Winning awards

Friday we were up at South Carolina State University for the annual SCAMP conference. It’s a conference for undergrads doing research under the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation program. The get the opportunity to gain some experience presenting the results of their summer research projects.
This year, my wife won the first place award for best oral presentation in the Biological Sciences category. She did a good job giving the talk for her project. She was a little disappointed that she didn’t also win a prize for the best poster competition too (she won both last year), but she’s still pleased.

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