Family trees

Had the in-laws over this weekend, so my wife and I interrogated them to extract their knowledge of family history to flesh out the family tree some more. They managed to provide enough useful information to construct a tree 5 generations deep on her father’s side and 4 on her mother’s side. Still lots of details lacking, like birth and death dates, locations, etc. But we have names, which is a start. Our tree now has over 300 people in it (small compared to some others I’ve seen online).
Looking forward to expanding it even more at the family reunion.

Long nights

My wife is spending the summer working in a medical research lab, part of a summer research program at MUSC for undergraduate students. She’s got mice to take care of as part of her research project, which means working late during the day, then making another trip in sometime in the evening to do more things with the mice.

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Family reunions

This time next week, I’ll be roasting in some place called Jackson, AL (north of Mobile, AL), where my wife’s family is having a reunion. I’m told it will be an interesting time. In preparation, my wife and I are helping construct a family tree. That in itself has been an interesting hobby in development. My side of the family is pretty small so far, but my wife’s side just keeps growing and growing.

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New airport passenger x-ray screeners

An Associated Press article in today’s Post and Courier grabbed my interest today. It’s about a new airport passenger screening device that uses scattered x-rays to detect weapons and explosives.
AFAIK, many states prohibit the use of radiation on people unless it’s for medical purposes. I’m sure that someone will manage to get an exception for these types of machines given time. There are still ethical issues with exposing masses of people to radiation, no matter how low the dose. Most people are paranoid enough about radiation (mostly because of lack of knowledge). Now the TSA wants to unecessarily irradiating hundres of thousands of people with low, but not trivial radiation doses just to get on an airplane?
I smell much controversy coming up if the TSA gets their way with these units.