MicroBe Cards

Because my wife is a biology person (where I am decidely not), I occasionally end up getting introduced (willing or not) to various biology and chemistry related topics. So when the latest issue of New Trail (the University of Alberta alumni magazine) arrived, arrived I saw an article about something called Microbe Cards that I thought she might be interested in.

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Nifty blogging software

Ok, today I’ll plug the blogging app that I’m using here, MovableType.

One of our radiologists asked about possibilities for setting up some kind of online logbook that residents could use to log the procedures they perform. My first thought was that it sounded like something a blogging app could do. I searched the web looking at different blogging apps that met 2 criteria: source code available, and low cost (preferably free). This one had the most features for the best price that I could find. Installed it, got it running, played with it a little bit, then they decided to go with some other software.

So MovableType sat around on my system unused for a few months, until I decided to try out the blogging world. Cranked it back up and here we are now.

Turns out that MovableType (MT) is a pretty flexible app. It’s written in Perl, easy to install, and is extremely configurable through the use of plugins, templates and style sheets. One of the plugins lets me put the latest weather for just about any location I can find. Very slick. There’s quite the list of plugins available that do many different things. Plugins are also written in Perl, so should be pretty easy to write, if you know Perl (which I don’t).
If you’re searching for blogging software for your site, I’d check this one out.

Computer upgrades

I’m stoked. Stuffed a new 160GB hard drive into my computer over the weekend. Best Buy had an amazing deal on them last week. Retail price $199. With $100 in mail in rebates, the price was $111 with tax. 70 cents a gig…can’t beat that.
So now I’ve got the 40 GB that came with the computer, 160 GB partitioned into 30/140 GB and an old 3 GB drive that I’ve now dedicated to virtual memory. Had to take out the 2nd CD drive, but it wasn’t getting used much anyway.

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Resurrected website concepts

Those of you who were surfing the web a few years ago might remember a website called SixDegrees, circa 1998-2000.
It was an interesting website based on the ‘6 degrees of Kevin Bacon’ idea. You created an account and linked yourself to friends, who were linked to other people and so on and so on. that way you and your friends formed a network with all the other thousands of people signed on as well. Pick any two people, and the website would compute how many ‘degrees’ away the two of you were. I always thought it was pretty cool. It shut down at the end of 2000, for reasons I’ve not been able to find out yet.
Recently a friend of mine sent me a link to a similar site, Friendster.com which is based on a similar concept. It’s not quite as full-featured or as easy to find people to link to as the old SixDegrees site was, but this one still seems interesting and worth checking out.

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job decisions

About 6 weeks ago, I accepted a research associate position at Duke University. A big jump for me, although mostly in a lateral direction.
My current employer, the Radiology Department at MUSC, likes me so much that they’re trying to tempt me to stay with a substantial increase in salary.
Should I stay, even though I’ve already accepted the new job, or go on to newer fresher pastures and new challenges. It’s a tough decision to make, more so because I don’t think either decision will be a bad one.

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