Lowcountry dog park tour: Palmetto Islands County Park

The next stop on the dog park tour takes us to the second of three dog parks located in a Charleston County Park: Palmetto Islands County Park in Mt. Pleasant. The dog park here is relatively new, having opened in 2007. It’s a fairly large fenced in dog park located next to the fenced in area used by the Lowcountry Dog Agility group (this area is not part of the dog park). Dual dog lock type gates provide good flow for dogs entering and leaving the park. The park is somewhat narrow but very long giving you plenty of room for long ball throws and lots of room for dogs to run around in.

For people, a couple of bleachers provide plenty of seating space as do several picnic benches around the perimeter.

Two sandy areas serve as nice soft spots for dogs to wrestle, dig or plop down to rest.

The park is pretty near to the marshes, so as a result the water table is pretty close to the surface. This means when the ground gets wet, it tends to stay that way for a while and things can get a little muddy in spots, especially near the fence. Fortunately there’s a hose positioned near the water fountain so you can hose off muddy dogs if necessary.

Admission to Palmetto Islands County Park is $1/person. Frequent visitors to the park (or any of the other county parks) will want to consider purchasing a park pass for unlimited admissions. Since the dog park is within the park, once you’re in you also have access to the rest of Palmetto Islands County Park, which is quite large and has plenty of walking trails.

See the rest of my pictures of the dog park here.

Here’s a Google Map to Palmetto Islands County Park. The dog park is just inside the entrance to the park. Take the first right after you get past the admission booth and you’ll see the dog park in front of you.

View Palmetto Islands County Park dog park in a larger map

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