An unusually cool morning

18°C in the morning wouldn’t be unusual around here in the fall, but on a July morning, it’s very unusual. 28°C is a more typical temperature for a July morning.

I’ll take it.

The dogs were certainly enjoying the “cooler” weather this morning.

Happy New Year from Mah animals!

Happy New Year from Nala, Mischief, and Simba (and Gollum)!

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!

They hope your 2017 is filled with treats, toys, and soft places to sleep! (except Gollum…he just wants the Ring back)

Lowcountry Dog Park Tour: Hazel Parker dog park 2016

It’s been just over 7 years since my first visit to this little dog park on the Charleston peninsula and I thought it was time to pay it another visit.

The shape of the dog park hasn’t changed, but some trees now line one side of the park giving some welcome shade during sunny days.

If you’re downtown, this is a nice little dog park to visit with. When the pups are sufficiently worn out, take go walking around and explore downtown.

Lowcountry Dog Park Tour: Mixson Avenue Dog Park

This is a small-ish dog park located near the Danny Jones Recreation Center in Exchange Park, North Charleston. It’s pretty easy to drive by the dog park and not even notice it’s a dog park.

The dog park is fenced, but not with a very tall fence and the upper half of the fence has gaps large enough for balls to go right through them. You’ll want to be careful throwing balls for your dog here.

There are a few agility type obstacles here that might provide some entertainment for dogs. Mine just ignore them.

A few benches around the sides of the park provide spots for people to sit, and trees along one side of the park provide some shade in the afternoon.

One significant feature missing from the dog park is a source of water. There were some parts from one of those 2 gallon water bowl dispenser type things, but they were empty and scattered around. You’ll want to bring your own water and maybe a bowl if you’re going to more than an hour here.

Here’s a Google Map for the dog park.