Meet Nala

This is Nala, the newest member of our family. We picked her up yesterday from the breeder, Fortune Labrador after a 10 week wait. She’ll be 11 weeks on Monday. Isn’t she just so cute looking? That’s a Puppy Kong chew toy she’s trying to figure out.

10 week old Nala

Her first night with us was a little bit stressful (as expected), but she’s doing all right now. She’s learning the lay of the kitchen, but still cries a bit when she’s left alone. The hard part is trying to figure out the difference between the ‘Give me attention’ whine and the ‘Gotta go to the bathroom’ whine.

She hasn’t quite figured out how to play when she’s the leash, but we’re working on that. She’s young, so it doesn’t take much to tire her out. A few short training sessions teaching her Sit and Down, and then a short trip outside for a bit of a walk pretty much does it for her at this point. So far she’s a lot of fun to have around, except for the 2AM bathroom break. We’re really looking forward to when she’s a little bit older and we can teach her more interesting tricks.

Check out the other pictures in her own album

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  1. Nala’s gorgeous. My sister has a black labrador. She called her Ellis (it’s actually short for ‘Little Shit’, so it would more accurately be spelt as LS, but…)
    Ellis is a sweetie – very goofy, intelligent, and adores water. Actually, she chews the hose if you don’t play with it with her every day šŸ™‚

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