Lowcountry dog park tour: Bee’s Landing dog park

Tucked away in the corner of the Bee’s Landing Recreation Complex (buried in a subdivision off Bee’s Ferry Road) is the City of Charleston’s newest dog park. To get there, go to the right of the recreation center building all the way to the back. Go to the right behind the baseball field and you’ll see the dog park. There currently aren’t any signs and only a worn dirt path to the dog park, but there are indications that a sidewalk or path is being built leading to the dog park. Otherwise it’s not at all obvious there’s even a dog park there.

The dog park is a pretty decent size, split into two sections, presumably for large and small dogs. The section on the right side is the larger of the two. There are lots of trees which should provide plenty of shade for hot weather. The trees will also keep things from drying out quickly after a rain so there is pretty good mud potential here.

There is only one water fountain located in the larger section, so people using the smaller section will have to either bring their own water, fill a water bowl from the fountain or bring their dogs into the larger section for water.

The trees kind of keep you from throwing a ball a really long distance, although if you throw too far you’re likely to end up throwing it out of the park anyway. The holes in the wire fence are also pretty large so any tennis balls thrown towards the fence have a high probability of going through.

There are large gates connecting the two sections of the dog park, and also connecting the larger section to a third area with a stream running through it. I don’t know if this third section is meant to be used by dogs. I presume the gates are meant to provide access for service vehicles, but there are no signs on them and they weren’t locked or anything (yet).

This dog park is a good addition to the West Ashley area and extends the dog-friendliness reach of the city.

See the rest of my pictures from the dog park here.

Here’s a Google Map to the dog park

View Bees Landing Dog Park in a larger map

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