Job decisions

About 6 weeks ago, I accepted a research associate position at Duke University. A big jump for me, although mostly in a lateral direction.

My current employer, the Radiology Department at MUSC, likes me so much that they’re trying to tempt me to stay with a substantial increase in salary.

Should I stay, even though I’ve already accepted the new job, or go on to newer fresher pastures and new challenges. It’s a tough decision to make, more so because I don’t think either decision will be a bad one.

On the one hand, my current location is about as ideal as it gets, aside from the constant worry about hurricanes. And the higher salary is very very tempting.

On the other hand, it’s Duke University. In my field, it doesn’t get much more prestigious than that. Plus I’ll be working with old colleagues again, it’s a much larger and diverse population, research is something I’ve wanted to get into more and I’ll finally be in an environment where I can start work on a PhD. And did I mention it’s Duke?

Oh, decisions, decisions….

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