Long nights

My wife is spending the summer working in a medical research lab, part of a summer research program at MUSC for undergraduate students. She’s got mice to take care of as part of her research project, which means working late during the day, then making another trip in sometime in the evening to do more things with the mice.

So for the last two weeks, and for a few more weeks to come, our daily routine has been:

  • Go to work around 8, 8:30
  • Leave work around 6 (5:30 if she finished early)
  • Go back in around 9
  • Back home around 10:30 or 11
  • Repeat.

Long days for her, and for me as well, since I usually go in with her because it’s late at night. It’s been making for some pretty long work days. Can’t wait for it to be finished with soon.