Away we go

Getting stuff ready to load up into the car so we can head off to the in-laws for the holidays. Holidays are always an interesting time at the in-laws. There’s usually some kind of silliness or drama going on. Our role is mostly as the family caterer, which is just fine by us because it keeps us out of the way, and we can boss people around in the kitchen. Mostly we’re telling people to get out of the kitchen though (at least while we’re working in it).
A few years ago, the annual family gatherings (Thanksgiving and Christmas) kept growing and growing, until one year we were confronted with cooking for 40 people, when we only expected 25. 40 pounds of turkey disappeared with no leftovers in sight. After that, we drew the line and told the family we weren’t cooking for that many people anymore. The next Thanksgiving they were on their own while we took in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in New York City (a very fun event, but many many people to deal with). Since then, the family gatherings have been much smaller and much more enjoyable.
So, I wonder what will happen this year…we’re only expecting 14 or so for Christmas dinner.