Lowcountry dog park tour: Hazel Parker dog run

The dogs and I headed off downtown in search of the Hazel Parker Dog Run, the third in my list of city-run dog parks (the other two being Hampton and Ackerman).
Located on the peninsula just a block or so down from Tradd and East Bay in Hazel Parker Playground (70 East Bay St), we wandered around the playground area, but didn’t see anything resembling a dog park or dog run.
There was a smallish rectangular fenced in gravel area that I suspect is the dog run, but it’s currently closed off. I’m guessing the city is renovating the area.

This looks like it will be a dog-lock style entrance for the dog run.

So no dog park action today. Hazel Parker dog run will have to go back on the list to be visited again in a few months time when the city is finished their work.

Here is a Google map to the dog park

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