SouthEast LinuxFest Announces Partial Speaker List

SPARTANBURG, SOUTH CAROLINA – April 5, 2010 – With less than 90 days until the 2010 SouthEast LinuxFest, event organizers are proud to announce 22 speakers known worldwide for their work in the Linux and free/libre open source software communities. These speakers include:

Ryan “Icculus” Gordon
Known as “the entire Linux gaming industry.” Ryan has ported major commercial game titles to Linux, including Doom III, Unreal Tournament, and countless others.
D. Richard Hipp
Author of SQLite, Fossil, and CVSTrac. SQLite has become ubiquitous and is used everywhere from Mozilla Firefox to the iPhone.
Tarus Balog
Lead Developer and CEO of The OpenNMS Group, which has provided enterprise grade network management software developed under the open source model.
Wendy Seltzer
Member of the board of directors for the Tor Project Founder of Chilling Effects and OpenLaw projects, and liaison to ICANN. Former attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. It if deals with rights, freedom, or privacy in the digital realm, odds are Wendy is or has been involved in some way.
Jono Bacon
Community Manager for the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution, Canonical employee, former co-host of the LUGradio podcast, and current co-host of the FLOSS Weekly podcast with Leo Laporte. Metal Rockstar!
Bradley Kuhn
Policy Analyst and Technology Director at the Software Freedom Law Center, as well as President of the Software Freedom Conservancy and Director of FSF. Bradley is dedicated to promoting the benefits of licensing that ensure software freedom, as well as defending it from potential threats and abuses from proprietary software.
Klaatu von Schlecten Apfel
Host of the Bad Apples and Fedora Reloaded podcasts and correspondent for Hacker Public Radio, Klaatu is a multimedia artist and maintainer of and the SlackBuilds for LiVES, freetalk, and HandBrake. He has written articles for Linux Journal and Linux Identity magazines.
Dru Lavigne
Director at the FreeBSD Foundation, she has written several books on BSD.
Pat Davil
Co-host of both MythTVCast, and the The Linux Link Tech Show (TLLTS) podcasts.
C. Tyler McAdams
Project Architect at the LinuxDNA project, Tyler puts a whole new meaning to fast by having Linux kernels compiled under the Intel C/C++ Compiler (ICC).
Barry Grundy
A supervisory criminal investigator (special agent) with the US Federal Government, Barry specializes in Linux forensics and its practical applications.
Mackenzie Morgan
A developer and bug wrangler for the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution. When she is not quashing bugs with extreme prejudice, she’s probably improving the end user experience in a variety of areas.
Alan Hicks
Slackware developer who also co-wrote SlackBook.
Dann Washko
Co-host of the The Linux Link Tech Show (TLLTS), Dann also is a wealth of practical knowledge in all areas of desktop Linux.
Stephen Spector
Community manager for Xen, which allows multiple operating systems to be run on the same computer through hardware supported virtualization.
Daniel Walsh
Daniel leads the Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) project and is also involved in secure virtualization.
Paul Frields
Fedora Project Leader and Chairman of the Fedora Project Board. Paul is involved in seemingly everything in Fedora from package maintenance to security to documentation.
Greg DeKoenigsberg
Senior Community Architect at Red Hat, founder and first chairman of the Fedora Project Board and Fedora Engineering Steering Committee. Greg currently holds a position on the oversight board for Sugar Labs. Within the Fedora community he holds the distinguished honor of being recognized as ‘Lord of the Plow’
Max Spevack
Manager of Red Hat’s community architecture team, and former Fedora Project Leader, Max now defines and executes Red Hat’s global community strategy.
Michael DeHaan
Michael currently works for Reductive Labs (now Puppet Labs), who develops puppet, a configuration management tool for systems administrators. Michael is the former lead developer for cobbler, an automated provisioning tool.
Baron Schwartz
Director of consulting at Percona, Baron wrote ‘High Performance MySQL’ which has become the definitive work on the subject. In addition, Baron has created maatkit, better cacti templates, and innotop.
Russell Bryant
Engineering Manager for the open source software team at Digium, Russell is a core member of the Asterisk open source PBX development team. He was Asterisk’s first release maintainer when Asterisk 1.0 was released.

The SouthEast LinuxFest plans to extend more than double this lineup of speakers over time. The Call For Papers is still open and will remain so until May 1st, despite an early showing that more than fills our speaking slots.

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