Golden Ticket camera

Anybody who follows me on Twitter or Facebook or the blog knows I like to take pictures of my food and post them.
Andra introduced me to the Foodspotting app early last year and since then most of my food photos have been going there and cross-posting to Twitter and Facebook.
In December, Foodspotting ran a Golden Ticket promo contest where they hid Golden Tickets (think Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) within the app. You ‘found’ them by browsing through food pictures that other people posted.
Just after I saw the email about the Golden Ticket promotion, I found one, much to my surprise. That it was a Golden Ticket for a wee little Sony WX9 camera was an even bigger surprise.
Haven’t tried it out yet. It’s still charging up. Fortunately Sony saw fit to design the camera so that it uses SD cards (which I already have) as well as their own Memory Sticks (which I don’t have). Unfortunately they decided to use a micro-USB like connector, so that means another USB cable dangling off my computer.
Looking forward to playing with this new little camera. Thanks Foodspotting!