About: Transformer Prime

I like my new Asus Transformer Prime. It is shiny.


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The issues with wifi range have been reported on in other online reviews, with the aluminum back being pointed at as the main culprit.

I thought I’d look at it using Wifi Analyzer.

With my Galaxy S II laying on my desk and the wireless router sitting arm’s length away, the signal is pretty strong.


Transformer Prime, laying on my desk in the same spot the phone was. Note the signal intensity is down about 20dB from what my Galaxy S II was showing.


I’ve done this in a few spots around the house with similar results. I haven’t bothered to run any speed tests. Plenty of those already on the web. If I hold the Transformer Prime close to the wifi router with the front facing towards the router, the signal is about 5dB higher than when I turn it around with the back facing towards the router.

If great wifi range and performance is what you need, the Transformer Prime probably isn’t for you.

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