Southeast Linuxfest 2012 in the bag

Another successful Southeast Linuxfest wrapped up yesterday. Came back with a little over 450 photos to go through which dropped to around 410 after a quick first pass.
Saw a fair number of people go through the conference and a bunch of familiar faces. This year ended up pretty database heavy as far as topics went and I managed to catch a fair number of good talks. Learned a few things about MySQL DBA, much of which I will probably never need, but there were some handy little nuggets to learn.
SELF stretched over three full days this year in a new venue which I think worked out pretty well. Aside from Time-Warner Cable not being able to provide the Internet service as originally promised, the rest of the meeting seemed to go pretty smoothly. Instead, this was where the Internets came from.
I spent most of it wandering around taking photos (in an “official” capacity this time), sitting in sessions and manning video cameras. Seemed like a pretty sizable crowd this year, with some early estimates putting numbers at around 500 people or so. Pretty respectable I think.
The Charlotte DrupalCamp put on by CharDUG went off pretty well with a good turnout. With three tracks, there was a little bit for everybody.
Already looking forward to next year’s SELF, June 7-9 at the same location.