Southeast Linuxfest: T-2 days

Two days left until another Southeast Linuxfest!

There’s a lot of stuff packed into this year’s SELF and it should be a fun time.
I’ll be hitting the road for Charlotte tomorrow to help with getting things set up. This year I’ve been given the Official Photographer duties so my new Speedlite will get its first real workout.
There is also an official SELF ham radio frequency, 147.555, and the 6600 Net on 145.190 at 9PM Saturday. I have no idea what the 6600 Net is, but with my new call sign I’m hoping to find out.
There will also be ham radio licensing tests given at SELF this year, on Saturday I think. I’m planning on trying for Extra again, but I’m not sure I’ll be much more prepared for it this time than I was last Saturday. There’s still much reading left to do. Well, I still have 3 days left.