BarcampCHS: Spread the word!

The 4th annual BarcampCHS is getting closer! Spread the word, invite your friends and family and come out to learn new things and share the things that you know!
You don’t have to be a great speaker, a professional or an expert in the field. You just need to be willing to share what you know with others or be interested in learning something new. Whether you’re just providing some tips and tricks about something you do a lot of, talking about more advanced topics or just want to present on something because it will force you to learn about it, it will be welcomed at BarcampCHS.
These are the sessions I have lined up to present on
HamCamp: a Barcamp within a Barcamp where I hope to get other ham radio operators to share what they know with others. If this turns out well, there’s even the possibility of spinning it off into its own event!
How to become a ham radio operator: A bit about the ham radio licensing process, resources, how I got mine, and then what to do with it afterwards.
History of Computers Museum: This is less a session and more just a place for people to lay out some of their vintage hardware to show off and reminisce with fellow geeks.
CT Scanners: How do they work?: In which I leverage some of what I do for a living to educate others.
I can only claim to be mostly an expert in medical imaging, but I’m interested enough in ham radio to make me willing to share what little I know about it with others. I’m also looking forward to learning about things that others are willing to share.
Come on out to BarcampCHS and hang out, learn stuff and teach stuff!