Ted’s Butcherblock hits the road

A couple days ago, Ted’s Butcherblock announced on Twitter that they had acquired the Magic Cheese Truck

Yes, we’re the proud new owners of – Stay tuned for details… you’ll be seeing us out on the streets very soon! 

which led me to a tweet from the day before from Magic Cheese Truck

we have sold our little magical truck to Ted’s Butcher Block . Follow them for fabulous food. Stay tuned 4 our next adventure!

Today I was surprised to find out that Ted’s Butcherblock’s new food truck was making its debut at MUSC for Food Truck Wednesdays! When @butcherblock said soon, I wasn’t expecting to see it this soon. I headed out to check them out and scope out the menu as soon as I found out.

Ted's Butcherblock food truck menuThe truck is staffed by familiar faces, which is really nice. The menu is similar to what is available in the shop, so now if the truck makes a stop near you, you can enjoy their great sandwiches without having to make the trip downtown. I went for the always yummy Bacon of the Month BLT with a very garlick-y garlic aioli.

Ted's Butcherblock Bacon of the Month BLTDelicious. I hope Ted’s food truck enjoys the same success the shop has.