Reworking an old project

Now that I have my equipment database project living comfortably over at, it’s time to think about how I want to rewrite it and what I want to do it with. The new version of whatever I end up creating will live over at github, since that’s what all the cool kids seem to be using these days.

Since PHP is what I know, it’s the most likely candidate for this new version (although I’m open to using something else). Leaning heavily towards using some kind of framework for it, although I haven’t picked one out yet.

I had a thought that I could maybe use Drupal to take care of the front end stuff with the back end being handled by modules that I would create. Each piece of equipment would be a Drupal ‘node’ and modules could be used to create the reports as ‘views’. I need to dig into Drupal dev more to see if something like this would be viable.

Lots of possibilities to choose from. All of them will force me to expand my rudimentary programming skills earn more skill levels in programming.