Diving into Asimov

My latest reading obsession has been Isaac Asimov. I’ve always been a big scifi reader, especially in my teens, but none of Asimov’s books ever ended up in my library. I certainly knew of him, but for whatever reason never read any of his books until now. My scifi tastes were more along the lines of Robert Heinlein, Anne McCaffrey and Frank Herbert.

Several years ago (back in 2011 according to my Goodreads list) while browsing the shelves at Mr. K’s, I came across 3 of the 5 books from Asimov’s Foundation series (books 1, 3 and 5), and decided to pick them up. They sat on the shelf for a while before books 2 and 4 joined them on the shelf.

I finally got around to reading the Foundation series at the beginning of the year. I had just finished reading the final book of Robert Jordan‘s epic Wheel of Time series and needed something different to read. I was feeling like getting back into scifi again, and Asimov fit the bill perfectly.

3 months of Asimov immersion and I was finished the Foundation series. Fantastic series that spans several centuries. I really enjoyed reading it.

Having whetted my appetite, I started looking for some of his other books and acquired a copy The Robot Novels, a compilation of the first three books of the Robot novels, and Robots and Empire. They play a prequel role to the Foundation series, and are more scifi whodunnit mystery novels. I found them very entertaining to read. I want robots now. Just about to start on Robots and Empire, and looking forward to seeing how this one is and how it fits into the Galactic Empire scheme of things.

After the Robot novels, I have the Second Foundation series, and Prelude to Foundation to dig into. The Second Foundation series should be a little different. While they’re in the same setting, the three books were all written by different authors. Looking forward to getting to those books.

After that I’ll start looking for the books in the Galactic Empire series.