Quick breakfast options

Looking ahead to when we’re in the new house, I’ll have a much longer commute. That means I’ll have significantly less time for making and eating breakfast than I did at the old house or even now in the apartment.

I’m already getting up at 0’dark-30 and with the new commute I’ll pretty much have to get ready to hit the road to work after taking the dogs out.

Time to contemplate some breakfast options. Something low carb, easy to make early in the morning (like under 15 minutes), or prepare the evening before and eat in the morning.

Most of my cookbooks are in storage at the moment so I’ll have to get most of my inspiration elsewhere.

  • I could get up at 0’dark or 0’darker to give me time for making something breakfast-y.
  • Use a slow cooker to make something overnight so that it’s ready in the morning.
  • Stockpile frozen breakfast type things that I can microwave in the morning.
  • Eat leftovers from the night before.
  • I could just grab something when I get to work too.
  • I also have a little mini-fridge in my office, so I could probably stock some things in there and do office breakfast.
  • Some or all of the above.

I’ve got a couple of months to come up with some ideas.

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  1. I either make oatmeal at work (the Quaker bags have measurements on them so you only need a bowl and the pack) or yogurt and granola.

    1. The yogurt and granola sounds like a good idea. I used to really enjoy making steel cut oats for breakfast in the mornings, but had to give it up because it really spiked my blood sugar

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