New car

Purchased a new-to-us used car a few days ago. We were originally looking at a 2014 Camry that had fairly low miles, but unfortunately it had been sold by the time we made the trip to the dealership to look at it.

We expanded our search criteria and ended up finding a 2014 Chevy Cruze with about 40k miles on it in really good condition and for a pretty good price.

For a very brief period, we were a three car household.

That didn’t last too long and we were able to sell the Camry and get back down to two cars.

The Cruze drives pretty well, has a lot of fancy new computer-y features that the Camry didn’t have. Being a newer car, there’s a lot more monitoring information available (tire pressure, gallons of fuel used, fuel efficiency, etc) that wasn’t around when the Camry was new.

The Aux input for the sound system is nice and I can play the podcasts I’ve been accumulating on my phone through the car speakers.

I think we managed to find a pretty decent car that I hope we’ll be able to hang on to for a long time.