Podcast list

I’ve outfitted the phone with a podcast player (Podcast Addict) and loaded it up with a bunch of podcasts. They’re mostly amateur radio related, but not all of them.

Amateur Radio podcasts

Other podcasts

A few of the podcasts are 15-30 minutes long, while most of them are around the 50-60 minute duration. Some of them only update with new episodes once a month while others are weekly. With my current commute, I’m able to get through about 1 or podcast episodes each day in the car, and if I decide to listen at my desk, another episode or two. This means I’m never out of episodes to listen to.

The podcast mix will probably change, and I’ll probably find some more to add to the list later. I’d like to find some other science/physics type podcasts to add. This is a pretty good start though, and I’m enjoying listening to them during the daily commute.

Of course all this podcast listening has cut down the amount of NPR listening I do on the radio, but given the current state of affairs of the country, that’s probably saving me some aggravation.

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