Sidelined by sciatica

Adding to the list of unlocked old age accomplishments, now I can complain about sciatica.

It started off with just a sharp pain in my lower back that made bending over difficult. Didn’t think much of it and figured it would go away in a few days.

Then the pain started radiating down my leg making bending even more difficult.

A visit to the doctor resulted in a diagnosis of left sided lower back pain with left side sciatica, and prescriptions for a muscle relaxant and steroid for inflammation.

The pain from a nerve being pinched is pretty high, and not at all pleasant. It’s quite literally a pain in the butt. And leg. And back.

Lying down helps a lot, but standing or sitting for any length of time gets to be quite uncomfortable.

I’m hoping I get over this soon because as nice as it is lying around in bed all day, the pain really sucks.

If it’s not better in a few more days, it’s back to the doctor and maybe some physical therapy for the back injury causing the sciatica.

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