Vacuum cleaner shopping

Well, the epoxy job I did on my old Dyson vacuum cleaner didn’t last quite as long as I thought it would.

Broken Dyson
Broken Dyson

Maybe I didn’t use enough epoxy, although I think if I made the epoxy layer much thicker, things like the hose and bin wouldn’t have snapped back into place as easily.

I think rather than trying to slather on more epoxy, it’s time to retire this Dyson. It’s done an excellent job over the past 10 years. Mostly likely it will be replaced with a Dyson Animal Ball 2, which has only a slightly smaller bin capacity than my DC15 (2.0 liter vs 2.5 liter for the DC15), and significantly larger bin than the other newer model Dysons that I’ve seen.

Dyson tear down to come.