Happy birthday Theresa

You would have turned 41 yesterday.


How remarkable would that have been?

The hops plants have been growing really well on your hops tower. You would like the tower. It’s got a good spot in the Medicinal Garden. Normally winter makes the hops plants die back and they get cut back to the ground. This past winter being on the warm side, the plants just kept growing. There were quite a few hops flowers this year too.

Connie and I requested a Mass to be offered for you back in May, like we usually do. Even though I’m not Catholic, and even though you’re usually not very far from my thoughts, I find it offers a nice opportunity to bring back some memories.

I inherited a laptop from your mom because she wasn’t really using it anymore. It was a bit of an unexpected surprise, and I thought it was nice of her to let me have it. I put it to work as a development machine for when I want to work on some of my projects, but don’t want to be stuck in my office. It reminds me of your laptop, Pinky, but I think yours was a different colour as I recall.

Your parents also gave us a couple of rose bushes at our housewarming party last year. I don’t have much skill at growing things, but they managed to survive the winter and have been producing quite a few roses over the summer.

The bushes have some pretty fierce thorns, but the roses smell really nice.

I was happy your parents were able to join us for the housewarming. It seems like they’re enjoying their retirement down in Florida these days.

All of your family and friends miss you.

I miss you my friend.