Covering the garage attic opening

With the space over the garage insulated, that just left the opening in the ceiling that gets you into the attic space uninsulated.

I happened to have a section of peg board about the right size, so I attached some drawer pulls I found at the local Habitat for Humanity store ($0.50 each) and glued a couple of the extra insulation batts to the board.

Attic entry cover
Attic entry cover

It lays nicely on top of the attic entry opening.

Attic opening cover
Attic opening cover

Moving it out of the way is a little bit cumbersome, but easy to do. Lift it up, turn 90 degrees and set it down on the rafters behind you.

Not sure how long it will last with repeated handling. At some point I might decide to replace the batts with some pieces of foam insulation. I think this will work well for now though.

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