AAPM 2018 Day 2

Another good day at the AAPM Annual Meeting.  The sessions I went to today weren’t so much about learning new things, but more about refreshing myself on things I should already know about.  All of them were good and well presented.  Some of the session talks got me thinking about some new programming projects to work on coding up some calculator type applications.

One of the things I really enjoy about meetings like this is having the chance to meet up with old colleagues and mentors.  Happened to run into a couple of physicists that I worked with during my residency at Henry Ford Hospital over 20 years ago.  Had a nice lunch with them catching up.

I’m really liking the ePosters set up at the meeting. There are about 10 or so ePoster stations with 4-6 big touch screen monitors at each one.  You can browse all the electronic posters that have been submitted, and during the breaks there are poster presentations where you can talk with the authors about their poster.  There’s also the traditional poster area with actual paper posters tacked up on boards to view.  The majority of posters are therapy related and pretty far out of my field.  There are some good imaging and professional posters though.

After the meeting wrapped up for the day, I went out to play some Ingress and explore some of Nashville’s downtown area.  All the action appears to be on Broadway, where there were lots of bars with live music, restaurants, neon signs, and tons of people walking around.  Quite the happening spot.  Makes King Street in Charleston look positively dull by comparison.  I can see why some people refer to Nashville as “NashVegas”.

Two more days of the meeting left for me before I head back to Charleston on Thursday.