AAPM 2018 Day 3

I really like going to these meetings.  I can spend all my energy and brain power soaking in information that I’ll put to use at work.

Today was sessions on breast imaging, the latest in PET imagers, and updates on the ACR accreditation programs.  All good sessions that I really enjoyed.

At the lunch break, there was a meet-the-editors event at the Wiley booth where people could meet the editor-in-chiefs (EIC) of Medical Physics and Journal of Clinical Applied Medical Physics.  Nice event with about 8 or 10 people coming by.  They asked the EICs some good questions.  I asked if AAPM would continue to release yearly ISO images of Medical Physics like they did when the journal was with AIP, but sadly it looks like under Wiley, they won’t be doing that anymore.  It’s too bad.  It was pretty handy when I needed to look up an article.  Just mount the ISO image and navigate down the directory tree to the article I needed.  It was usually faster to do that than fire up a browser and dig up the article online.

The Night Out event at the Country Music Hall Of Fame and Museum was pretty nice.  The museum has all kinds of artifacts, displays and exhibits about the country music world.  Pretty cool place. 

Physicists in the museum lobby
AAPM 2018 Night Out in the museum lobby

Last day of the meeting for me tomorrow.  It’s been a really good meeting for me, but I’ll be glad to get back home on Thursday.