Ads in WordPress email notifications

If you’ve subscribed to my blogs via email (all three of you), you might have noticed that ads suddenly appeared in the email notifications. The email notifications are handled by WordPress’ Jetpack plugin, and the ad injection is apparently a recent addition.

Despite the note that say “This post is ad-supported”, these ads weren’t inserted by me. I’m not a fan of the ads just suddenly appearing like they did and I really don’t like that it says “This post is ad-supported”, implying that I’m the one doing the ad injection and that my posts and blog are ad supported.

Except for the occasional referral link that might appear in a post here and there, none of my posts or blogs will ever be ad supported.

If the ads in the email notifications bother you, feel free to unsubscribe. You won’t hurt my feelings. In the meantime, I’ll see what happens and investigate other options for email subscriptions.

Update: Looks like while I was leaving a comment on the Github issue, the Jetpack devs undid the ad injection.

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